Uninstall Deep Freeze [Solved/Closed]

 Elle -
Hello, guys

I have a problem with Deep freeze program,the deep freeze icon in toolbar it's gone..and I don't know how to find it.i try to press alt+ctrl+shift+f6 it still not appear but the program still working..now I wanna save some file but I can't not cuz of I can't stop it.( I'm put it protect all my drive C,E,D ) and my computer is using window 7

pls help.

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Hi, elle,

If you want to stop Deep freeze, I want to say ,firstly press shift button on keyboard and move mouse cursor on the taskbar, then you see Deep freeze icon then click it then stop it.. This is my invented tech.

Thank you

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But my problem is DF icon was missing from my icon tray toolbar.then I can't use shift+ double click at the icon,when I tried to go to my Bios while I reboot my laptop..it wasn't pop up to go to Bios though..don't really know how to do with it.as I don't wanna install in window cuz I have lots of file in computer



Try follow this Faq instructions to successfully remove deep freeze:


if it work with laptop?my laptop is ACER ASPIRE 4535G, I have tried F1 and DEL but I can't even go in CMOS,sorry if i'm a noob..

thanks a lot for helped me..now I solved this problem.

God bless you,

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