My computer(s) won't load certain websites. [Solved/Closed]

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I'm a pretty hardcore member of two pet websites called chickensmoothie and Howrse.
So 4-3 days ago, I was just accessing the 'my posts' part of Chickensmoothie and suddenly I ge thet:

'Problem loading page'
'The connection to the server was reset while the page was loading.'


The loading sign would stop, and the page would be just blank. It won't even load the logo beside the wed address.

So I try again millions upon millions of times, but to the same result. I've cleaned my cache + cookies, my internet connection is fine, firewall isn't meddlin', I've tried on multiple computers to access the website(s) to the same result, I've switched between Firefox and Internet Explorer, all to the same results.

I know the websites in question are not being updated at the present, as I talked to another member of one of the sites and it's been working fine for her all day.

Any insight would be appreciated. ^^
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Thank you
hi ive had same problem for 3 days try to load ebay and facebook get nothing or this page could not be displayed message.
i tried everything resetting, debugging, scan,i even contacted my supplier and went into bios mode.
after everything i sorted it out
i went into my firewall settings and reset to default settings, restarted my laptop and wahoo it works im so happy
i hope this helps someone out there having same problems
p.s also worked for facebook

Thank you, kim 7

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