Hp pavilion dv4 2140us blank screen

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Hello, i hav a dv4 and owned it for 1yr or so an i play alot of pc games on it an recently it started to give me blank screen even at the start up.So i thought is was the GPU.I use to hear it boot an when i leave it on for 20mins den shutdown an restart the screen woud show normal.But now i t dont show at ALL...no video tru LCD but it works perfect tru the HDMI or VGA....SIGH.....i dont knw wat to do how to fix it cuz i opened it an cleaned everything an put freash thermal paste on CPU still Hav problem nw.:( an btw 4 u who own HP laptops ..dey stop sellin parts 4 it nw....Anyhow But can u guys help me i really need my laptop to work tru its LCD not VGA or HDMI ..

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Aug 28, 2011 at 11:08 AM

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