Sony Walkman NWZ-B133F player not working

 shalini -
Good day!
I have a Sony Mp3 walkman player, Model Number is NWZ-B133F
The problem, I think is the hardware. It worked properly last night. After I charged few minutes in my PC, when I press power it display walkman and next a blank screen with white bar in the center of the screen..
I reset and checked no use, after that it doesn't work properly. I can't use it now.
I don't know if it is a factory defects or what?
I also don't know whether the problem is with battery or complete player system.
The warranty period is expired..
What am I supposed to do? Please some one help me to fix this problem? I need Help!

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my portable device is detected on computer and other displayed functions are seen clearly as a healthy device. But does not works after plugging it out from charger or computer.Any solution for my problem?!Or please let me know whether it will recover or IT's time to dispose it.
Thank you

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First let the player charge all night. The USB charge rate is very slow and a few minutes will not charge a fully discharged device.

Good Luck
Mine is Charging but when I turn it on it cannot open and I cannot reset is.
Mine is totally stop working and has a light but it seems like a Shocked Mp3 ! :( I dunno wat can I do !!!?
i also having the same problem...plshelp me