Change Sony Walkman from USB to MTP mode

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I recently purchased a Sony Walkman to use with my Napster subscription. Unfortunately the device was not syncing with Windows Media Player. To solve this I used the following fix from this forum:

This fix changed my Sony Walkman to a USB devce. This solved the problem with WMP (I could now sync and transfer diles via drag and drop).

However, now tracks that I have donloaded with my Napster to Go subscription do not work as (I think) the device is showing up as a USB device rather than an MTP device. I tried performing the opposte of the steps above but Vista keeps on opening it up as a USB device.

In the properties for the portable device, the drivers are listed as:


The driver software is shown as:

Microsoft WPD FileSystem Volume Driver.

If anyone could offer any help that would be much appreciated!



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I did the same thing and have finally found how to change it back:

In device manager look under 'Universal Seral Bus controllers', you should have one listed with the name of your walkman. Right click it and uninstall. Re-plug in your walkman and it should be back to normal.
its still not working
you are the best man..........thanks a lot............
Not working
I have been scouring the Internet for hours trying to figure out how to force my junk Walkman (hate this thing, it was a freebie) back into MTP mode after I had forced it into MSC mode. I prefer MSC/UMS mode, but learned that I cannot create pla playlists outside of MTP mode and the POS won't work with m3u playlists. Plugging it into my laptop to manipulate playlists was getting old, so I searched and searched for a way to get it back into MTP mode on my desktop PC. I FINALLY found your solution and it WORKED! Thank you immensely.
Hi Nicky,

That worked perfectly. Thanks a lot!

I had mtp issues as well and followed the same advice to switch to usb mode, I wanted to switch back and see if I could get mtp mode working but now my device is recognized as a disk drive no matter what I do.