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sir ,


i am running an internet cafe with 20 pcs computer . now i want to increes my cafe computers as 29 pcs . so i think to use two different modeams . its maybe ( Thomson gatways ) & ( 3com gatways ) . with diffrenet speeds . if one line is failer i can use other line without any intereption & other difficult . have to get one server ip for 29 computers . so i need to get 32 port ( more ) hube switch to use my cafe. it must eable to use different modeams with different gatways. if my computers divided by two ( 29 / 2 ) with different gatwayes also good. like one prefferd & other alternative. so can u suggest wich brand hub is good or is it availeble in the market or other suggession

thank u

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Jan 28, 2009 at 11:18 PM
Sounds like you need a router or gateway before the switch/HUB. It doesn't matter if you have 2 modems or not because the bandwith on the main broadband or DSL line will be reduced for every computer connected to it. You could put a router/gateway after the 1 modem then connect your switch /HUB after that and setup the gateway to assign each computer a DHCP address. You can set the router/gateway to assign 50 -100 DHCP address'. The more systems you connect to a hub the more likely you are to have crashes/freeze ups because all the info packets collide in a hub and the more packets the higher risk of a collision. Like wise with a gateway and switches you could hook 4, four channel switches or 3, 8 channel/ 2 16 channel switches and so forth as long as the gateway has the capacity to assign the address'. I have a wrt54GS Lynksys router/gateway that is capable of assigning up to 100 DHCP address'. You then setup the LAN systems to automaticl detect network. Very low maintnance and low cost. IF your IP provider has or you already have a business account you could see if you can purchase more bandwidth meaning faster upload speeds and faster downloading speeds. If you have any other questions E-Mail me