Problems with monitor.. help appreciated

kyon21 - Oct 21, 2011 at 06:27 AM
 kyon21 - Oct 22, 2011 at 07:09 AM
So, I have a Desktop PC, Intel i3, ATI Radeon video card... I recently moved to another country and had my computer shipped with UPS by truck... the computer was packed pretty well but when it arrived here, after plugging everything in, after turning the monitor and the computer on, the monitor displaying "Power Saving Mode" and nothing I do seems to get it out of it... Also note that I hear the fan of the computer working and the hard-disk but the fan makes a lot more noise then it did before... also if I hit the power button it instantly shuts down...

Any idea what sort of problem this would be? Is it goodbye motherboard ? Power supply ? Video Card ? I know it's hard to actually give me a definitive answer just from this info but any sort of idea is appreciated... I read the forums to find similar problems but most were with monitors entering power saving mode just randomly and not after the whole computer being shipped by truck and started for the first time... Should I try resesting my RAM ? or play around with the cords ? Didn't yet open the computer... don't have a lot of experience with it.. I did open up computers in the past but this one is brand new (bought it back in the original country 2-3 months before moving) and I care so much for it I'm afraid I might do more harm then good ^^

If you need any other information please ask and I shall provide it.. writing this while being very stressed because of the whole thing so I can't remember all the specifications..
Running Windows 7 btw... and I can't get to the desktop at all so anything that I would have to do there is out of the question, same goes for BIOS settings..

Please help me any way you can and thanks in advance...

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Oct 21, 2011 at 01:25 PM
I would start by reseating the video card.

Good Luck
Ok here's what progress I managed to do..
I've reseated the video card, started up the computer, managed to get to the BIOS screen... the problem is that from the first screen, the display looks horribly wrong, with random lines and squares of all colors appearing on the screen and the text just barely visible underneath it... also after exiting BIOS and trying to get to windows I get a BSoD with STOP 0x00000116 and also a mention about ATKDispLowFilter.sys having problems....(also the weird display continues here as well).. starting to think the video card might have died out on me :(