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I have an excel workbook that has cells that display a currency amount U43, U45, U47, U49, U51 and Q53. For example U43 would have $200 in it, then U45 would have $500, and so on. I have T53 with this code in it =SUM($U$43,$U$45,$U$47,$U$49,$U$51,$Q$53) to total the amounts into one box. But if the box displays a text, I want T53 to display the text in the cells. For example if U43 equals $200, U45 equals $500 and U47 equals "No Bond" then I want T53 to display the text "No Bond" instead of calulating the total. I would like it that if any of the cells display the text then Q53 displays the text as well no matter what box has the text.

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Hi Michael,

Try this formula in T53:

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This worked perfectly. Thanks.