XP blue welcome screen won't let me in.

Anonymous User - Jan 30, 2009 at 08:23 PM
 JoeyP - Jan 30, 2009 at 09:37 PM
Hello, A friend gave me a 'better' computer to replace the one I had, but he forgot the password he'd set for me.
I was able to get in and set my own and, as prompted, I made a floppy 'User Key Password Backup' disk incase it happened again. (Unfortunately I did'nt write the password down).

I tryed the same process as last time but with no effect. It gives me the 'password hint' but won't accept what I enter. I didn't have any joy using the disk either.

Is there any way you could help me (a novice) sort the problem?

Many thanks.

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try booting the computer into safe mode (pressing f8 key during start up till the safe mode menu appears) choose safe mode, then when the log on screen comes up see if you can log into the Administrator account (you should see your account and the administrator). most people do not protect this account and it will let you in under administrator with out a password. you can then open the control panel and reset the password for your account or create a new one. the other option would be to download the ultimate boot cd (iso image) (google ultimate boot cd) create the cd and boot the computer with it, then try the password reset programs these do not always work though.