Broken monitor, lap top wont open windows

Mo - Dec 8, 2011 at 01:54 PM
 CornishV - Mar 15, 2012 at 12:51 AM
Hi everyone I have a big problem and I really need some help. I broke my lap top screen, but i don't really care cause I always wanted to connect the lap top to my TV anyway and permanently use it that way and unfortunately I am very low on cash and can't buy a new lap top so I have no choice and now I have to use an external monitor. After the monitor broke I connected the cable from my lap top to my TV and just based on memory and with out being able to see what I am doing I tried switching the lap top monitor to the external TV monitor and I don't know what I did but obviously my plan didn't work and my computer restarted and it didn't go into windows like it usually would (sorry I am not a big computer guy and I don't know the terms and names for things), I cant see what's going on, but I do know that its starting up normal except none of my keys or anything work its like when you first start it and it shows the logo while its booting up, but here is the thing the screen is broken bad I cant see anything but there is some light that comes thru and when I push the F1, F2, F10 etc.. I can see some things moving and its almost like when I push one of the F# keys a small window opens up and when I push the escape button it closes and at that point if I push the scape key again the lap top restarts and goes back to that same page where if I push one of the F# keys again that bit of light and image comes through. And it seems like that page that the windows open up in with the F# keys has a blue background and I have tried turning the lap top of manually I have taken the battery out and left it out for a while and restarted it again and no matter what I do it goes back to that same place. Anyway I don't know where I am, but that's baisacly all the info I can give you on what's going on and I am not to sure but I think it starts up and automatically goes to the (boot screen)??? the blue screen that you can get to when you push F10 or what ever when the computer starts up, but it just stays there or where ever it is and I know its not going into windows for sure because when I would start up my lap top before the screen broke it would show the logo and start booting up than when it was going to windows my wireless light would come on and go from orange to blue, but now it just stays orange its almost like its stuck in that beginning part or even like when it starts up into safe mode I have seen a lap top start up in safe mode and in that mode you cant have internet so the wireless doesn't turn on. anyway my question is, is there anyway of resetting the lap top where it would some how come out of safe mode or whatever mode its in and start up normal or do you know what's going on and where the lap top is starting up into based on the little bit of info I gave and if someone can tell me what to do blind with out being able to see what exactly I am doing and get out of this mode its in? I know that buying a new lap top makes sense, but like I said I am not doing to good financially so unfortunately that's out of the question for now, but if someone can help me some how I would really appreciate it I really need to get this issue fixed because I use the lap top to make the little bit of money I make so its really important that I fix this fast. Thanks so much everyone

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hook up your monitor to your laptop turn on laptop while pressing down on the F8 key when screen comes on it should give you options to put you in modes select ENABLE VGA mode hit enter key and wow it will come on to what ever windows your laptop has on it. Good Luck I had the same thing happened to me. Had inportant things on the hard drive but figured it out and so can you.