Lan Card is not working

Mridul Tiwari - Feb 1, 2009 at 08:24 AM
 Rana - Jul 11, 2010 at 11:41 PM
I am using windows vista laptop and the make is HP but i swas trying to set up the connection yesterday with the help of lan cabel but i was not getting lan light ob the lan port so can u please Help ASAP ?.........

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Your options are pretty much these:

1. Your cable is bad or not hooked up correctly. Try another cable and make sure it's plugged in snugly to the computer itself, and the hub/router/switch/modem it's hooked up to.

2. Your driver is bad for the NIC/LAN card, so it lacks the ability to work properly. If the LAN card came in the laptop when you bought it from HP, you'll need to go to HP's site, find your model in the drivers area, and download and install a new driver for the LAN card. If it's a 3rd party lan card, you'll need to go to the manufacturer's site and look for a new driver there. You can check for issues in the device manager to see if the driver is bad or if the device is unrecognized. (To get to the device manager, Right click your "My Computer" icon, select properties, then select the Hardware tab and hit the "Device Manager" button.)

3. If the cable and driver seem OK, you most likely have a bad NIC/LAN card. You may want to try plugging your laptop into a port replicator or docking station if you have one to see if the port on that devce allows it to work. If you don't have one of these or it doesn't work there either, you will likely need to call HP and have your laptop serviced. Hopefully you have some warranty left so they can fix this for free.

Hope this helps!

my lan card is okay but no conectivity is foud through the lan even in the interneal network.