Acer laptop working slow

Bilquis - Feb 15, 2012 at 12:43 AM
 LaptopLinux - Feb 15, 2012 at 10:24 PM

I have a acer laptop. And I've been using it 2 years now. Now it suddenly became very slow. It takes 5 minutes from turning on to the log on screen. It takes 3 minutes to show the desktop It takes 10 minutes for all the information to show up. But once it starts then it works fine.Kindly help
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Hi, After Having experience with this sort of problem I am guessing two things:
A: Its windows.
B: It needs more Ram.

If you cant get any ram for it or its at its capacity on how much it can handle i recommend you have a try of a couple of things.
1. Log in as soon as the system starts
2. Remove some programs
3. Do a fresh install.

I hope this helps somewhat, good luck
thanks for the advice.Actually i have shown it to an engineer he installed windows 7 .My laptop is acer aspire 4736z inspite of removing some programs the problems still it the hard disk is corrupted...kindly help ..i have removed all the temporary files plz advice what all things i have to remove
Firstly, Great Laptop, yours is a lot more powerful than mine is.

Secondly I don't think the hard disk is corrupted, however i do recommend you do a disk De-fragment on the drive. Things you should remove are programs you no longer use, If your hard disk is full, then transfer your stuff over to a external hard disk or some form of external storage.

I would say it has something to do with anti-virus software but the computer i experienced that on was a Toshiba Satellite L30 With Xp and Kaspersky Pure. (Which now runs Kubuntu)
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