Toshiba satellite laptop won't turn on,

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So I've had my laptop for less than a year then 1 week ago a warning that saysHDD or hard drive is corrupted or something suddenly poppedup. I can't remember what the actual words are but it keeps prompting me that I need to backup my files. Anyway, I was busy so I wasn't able to have it checked. Then three days ago while I was using MS word it suddenly stopped working then the words Windows Uninstalled appeared then it shut itself on it's own accord. When I tried turning it on, it just shows a black screen with Windows error written at the top and the instructions on how to reinstall windows. It also shows the safe mode options, and I've tried it all and all just shows the words Starting Windows, but the logo doesn't appear and it stays like that for around 5 minutes then shuts down again. I've tried putting a windows 7 installer but nothing whatsoever happens. The fan just keeps whirling, and then it shuts down with no change visible. What should I do?

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Mar 18, 2012 at 06:13 AM

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