My laptop power adapter overtemperature

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My laptop power adapter is always overtemperature than others the same brand.I don't know why. If my laptop power adapter has problem?
Thanks in advance for your answer!

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Laptop power adapters are constantly having issues; they cann't work, overtemperature , short circuit and sometimes doesn't match with your computer. If you don't have some basic understanding of laptop power adapter then it can become frustrating as well as costly to have to let someone else deal with the problems.
Most of the laptop power adapter problems are basic and easily prevented .You should familiarize common sense of laptop power supply, such as power supply voltage, power source and load, power consumption, and understand how they work, what they do and once you do, everything becomes so much easier to handle on your own.
When you buy laptop power adapter for your first time, you may meet with lots of problems such as the following:
1.What is the meaning of power adapter (hereinafter referred to as the power supply) of nominal voltage and current?
The nominal voltage of power adapter usually refers to the open output voltage, also is the voltage that don't pick up any load, have no current output. So can also think it is the upper limit of the output voltage for the power.
Any power has certain internal resistance, when the power supply output current, it will produce internal pressure drop, and at the same time will generate heat. Usually after considering the heat factor,will design generally limit a current value, when output current reach this value, the output voltage reduced to 95% of the nominal voltage, or other proportion, each manufacturer can be set higher or lower proportion according to the different needs of load products, this current value is just the nominal current.
Can the laptop power adapter be used at the same notebook, that have the same nominal voltage of power supply but the output current is different?
The basic principle is that big nominal current can take the place of the small nominal current. How much current depends on the loads on the conditions of same voltage, that is the work conditions of notebooks, when notebook operate with high load, the current will bigger, if notebook comes into standby, the current is small. The current of big nominal power supply enough current surplus, won't occur overheating and too low output voltage after replacing small nominal power current. Instead, when small nominal current power supply replace big nominal current power supply, there could happen that load current is too small and lead to power supply and even burn overheating.

2.Why is my laptop power adapter always overtemperature than the same one of others?
Don't doubt your power has a problem at once, firstly, see what your laptop are doing. Because power supply has certain internal resistance, when the power supply current, can produce a certain quantity of heat, if your computer are operating a lot of reading and writing, calculation, picking up a lot of external equipment and so on, it can make the current increased, leading to the overheating of the power.
The adapter nominal voltage is higher than that of my notebook battery, will it make my notebook burn out?
That the power adapter supply for the notebook is different from that battery do, the battery output of pure DC, direct access dc variable pressure module, battery voltage don't need to design very high, the voltage demand of analog signals and digital signal in microelectronics circuits at present basically is bounded by 5 V, away with the efficiency of variable pressure modules and the difference demand of pressure, 10.8 V is enough. If use power supply, first need to operate voltage filter for the voltage, so that the notebook works well at the circumstance of lower power performance. When the voltage is steady, it will divide into two parts, one supply power for the notebook, the other for the battery, the part that supply power for notebook work as above. But the part that supply power for battery power only can add in the core through the battery charge control circuit, but the adjustment process of charge control circuit will make voltage greatly decreased, and finally the voltage that add to the core will never high, please don't worry about it.