Computer with black screen and mouse [Closed]

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Hello, my name is justin.

This all happened in about 2 days, computer was working fine before this. while playing a video game, the game shut down saying adobe flash player has crashed. i downloaded adobe flash again and now i'm getting blue screens. Now when i turn my computer on, windows loads up but it loads into just a black screen with my mouse cursor able to move around on the black screen. i am unable to push and commands at all, ctrl,alt,delete doesn't work, the windows key brings nothing up. restarting the computer gets this black screen with my mouse cursor every time. ANY SUGGESTIONS WOULD HELP !!!! TY

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HI friend restart your computer press f8 and boot your system in safe mode after that uninstall the last software after installing which you are facing the problem and also remove that game. Remember you must have admin rights to do so. Tell me is my posts helped you.

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