Windows XP not working, Blue Screen [Closed]

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Um, so yea, what if you don't have the CD that comes with ur windows XP computer thing? Does that mean that I can never get my Pc to work ever again? I keep getting this blue screen that says that Windows has closed to prevent further damage to my PC, then at the bottom it says STOP:0x00000 or whatever. What do I do to fix this?!! Please tell me, I'm practically crying now! My dad is taking my PC to a repair shop on Monday(BTW it was Saturday when i posted this), and i'm not sure wether it will work or not. Please help, I am DESPERATE! I'v had this problem sice morning, I;ve been trying to fix this, and now its NIGHT! I CANT SLEEP! It would be SO SO VERY VERY VERY greateful for someone to give me a suggestion that will actually work. I've tried ALL of the other suggestions, but im STILL stuck with a blue screen. Please reply, I can't take my computer anymore, Thank you. :'(

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Firstly it could be a hard disk problem.
Secondly you can get that computer working, even without a hard disk drive. Use Linux, I recomend Ubuntu Linux, which you can boot of the CD (Once you have successfuly burned a copy to a CD) and do whatever but however you will need a USB or an external storage medium until you get a hard disk. Once the hard disk is installed you can the install Linux, which is a Freeware operating system (Completly Free, normally no Eula's) and also doesn't need antilvirus.

BTW you can get a distrobution called Ylmf OS which looks EXACTLY like windows XP or you can get Lubuntu which you can modify to look like XP.