Keyboard/Touchpad/Wireless failure on Startup [Closed]

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So I have this Acer Aspire One ZG5 that stopped working a few years ago, and I just decided to bring it back to life. I had long assumed the issue was the battery, so i ordered a new one, charged it up to nothing. Well, after searching for a few days and trying a few things, i figured out how to replace my BIOS, and I was well on my way to using my old laptop again. Windows begins to load up (yes....YES) and low and behold it gets to my login screen. I was nearly there. Then the worst happens...I can't move my cursor or type anything on the keypad. The odd thing is, I can only type one key...just when BIOS is loading, I can hit the f12 key for boot options, but after that, i can't ever go up to select safe mode. Back to Windows login, the cursor is stuck in the middle of the screen, and the touchpad doesn't move the cursor. None of the keys work. I have removed the battery in many forms and fashions (while the computer is on, while it is off, while the ac adapter is unplugged), and i have most definitely tried Fn + F7 (and 6 and 8...nothing works). Also, I have a wireless mouse that works on my gf's computer, but if I plug it in on the login screen, it either doesn't recognize it or can't on the login screen (it was never used on the acer, so it wouldn't have the drivers on the hard drive already). Anyone have any other suggestions? I was thinking maybe the BIOS version i used had the wrong drivers on it, or something...I just want to access my hard drive and get a bunch of old files off of there, and it would be nice to fix this and make it a travel laptop.

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