Your account has been blocked - hotmail [Solved/Closed]

 Becca -

How can i access my hotmail account it has been block from yesterday.
When i am trying he is sending code my email id which is closed.
any solution you have?

Note: I have change my pass through secrate question

Message : How do you want to receive your code?

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Try this 1

Go to --> Click on "Can't access your account?" --> Select

"I forgot my password" --> Click on "Reset your password" --> Enter your

blocked hotmail ID --> Enter the given Captcha --> Select "Customer support" -->

Then below that you will be getting an option "Customer support", click on it -->

Enter your working E-mail ID and follow the instructions.

Note : No Need of filling "Billing Information"

Good Luck
this never worked for me, 4 days later and i have tried it all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How do you want to receive your code? (SOLVED)

okay everybody! it took me 3days! after all the time i put in to write hotmail email to unblock, after all the NO REPLY! but i finally found a solution on my OWN!

1. create a new hotmail account
2. Click on Your User name > Account
3. Under "Other Option" Click "Linked IDs"
4. Add linked ID

So when it is successful. click on your user name again and TADA!! u will be able to see your "BLOCKED EMAIL ADDRESS" there. click on it. u will be able to log in

PLEASE BE WARNED!! you can never edit anything. if u tried. it will only change settings on your new account. so make sure your new account has phone no. or some easy password so that u can avoid the same problem like you 1st account. hotmail!! u used to be cool!! ;(
putra roundpants your comment was very helpful thak you so so so so so much thank a million
It is saying that my account has missing informations. can u help me putra roundpants
It is saying that I have missing information too. Please help, nothing else is working

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