How to restore a Toshiba Satellite to factory [Closed]

 Katie -
Hello, I need to restore my Toshiba Satellite L305D back to factory settings, except it doesn't ever take me to the log in screen, I turn it on and it wants me to type in my BIOS password (I accidentally set that while messing with the laptop because it wouldn't go to the login screen and can't figure out how to turn it off) then it just goes to a screen that gives me the options to "Launch start-up repair (recommended)" or "start windows normally" when I chose to launch start-up repair, it says "windows cannot repair this computer automatically" and it tells me to remove any devices I've recently attached, there's nothing plugged in and no Cd's in it. So I look at my other two options which are; "view diagnostic and repair details" or "view advanced options for system recovery and support" when I click the advanced options it says "select a keyboard layout" and I pick "US" then it says "To access recovery options, log on as a local user." and "To access the command prompt as well, log on using an administrator account" then "User Name:" and "Password:" for the user names I have the options of "ASPNET" or "sky" and I don't know the password for either because it was my little brother's laptop and when it started doing this he stopped using it which was a couple years ago. I'd be willing to take it apart if that would help fix it since it's not in commission anyways. Also if I choose to "start windows normally" it goes to a black screen with nothing on it for a while and then restarts itself and takes me right back to the Windows error recovery screen with the two options. I have no Cd's for it.

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Okay, I reset the BIOS password but now it wants me to enter "Built-in HDD Password" I know password but when I try and hold "0" to do the factory reset, it pops up and I end up typing a bunch of zeros into the password box. How do I get that to go away?
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You need to reset your BIOS first :

Then you can restore your Toshiba laptop to factory settings :

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