I forgot my password of Folder Lock 7.0.3

 Avinay Sharma -

I forgot my password of Folder Lock 7.0.3, I need to recover my files. I used locker which used to open under a drive (eg. z:). I need the solution kindly. I have kept my family pics all to them.......i have no more picture now.


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change your locked drive letter and try

in control panel -system and security -administrative tool- create and format hard disc partition there u can change drive letter

its workking in windows 7 perfectly
Thank you

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thanx mannnn
i recover my data
very very thank u frnd...tis is working perfectly\

Thanks a lot dude...
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You can try something like this in biterscripting.

script "C:/Scripts/SS_FindStr.txt" dir("C:/") str("string_to_find")

"C:/" is the top directory/folder where search will begin.

"string_to_find" is the string to find.

Enclose both in double quotes.

Hope this helps.