I got cheats c:..iPod sims 3 ambitions [Solved/Closed]

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In the sims3 ambitions to get more money very fast all you have to do is go to build. Mode and build rooms. Make them as huge as you want and how much you want. Do not press the check mark.. Just turned your iPod off and then go back to the game and you have them free . Then sell the rooms and there you have money and keep on doing it when you want to stop

Thanks in advance
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SweetSoniaC - Oct 1, 2012 at 02:06 AM
Thank you
This works! Twice actually, you get money for selling the room, BUT it stays in your property, so if you demolish it, you get money AGAIN, a lot more! Thank you!

Thank you, SweetSoniaC 6

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It didn't work for me
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Thank you

Thanks for the tip.
Thank you
This actually works. One of my people's I had were very low on cash and it was Saturday! I didn't go back to work till Monday. It works as many times as you want!!!
It worked for me to