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I have a notebook Acer Aspire 7730 and it will not boot up, I just get blank screen and a flashing dash in the left hand corner. I read something about BIOS in another discussion for a netbook and am not sure if this is the same case, can someone please help!!

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I hope that this solves the issue. Connect the charger to the laptop and the charger led light must be on green. If it is not on green yet, charge it well first.

You will also need a USB drive. On another PC, go to and reach Service and Support, then on Driver Download and select the specific laptop that you are using. Then on Bios, have it downloaded.

Then copy it on your Desktop, right click on it and click on Extract all.

Now drag the folder on the desktop and open it. Open the first folder starting by DOS_/. You will find a file named 310.fd, rename it zg5ia32 and press enter.

You save this specific file on your USB drive now. YOu plug the USB to your laptop now, the one which is not working.

Hold down the Fn key, the Esc key and the power key and it should now flash.

Release now.

Note that it may 1 to 7 minutes.

If it does not work, then I will advise you to send the laptop to a repair shop for finding what is messing up.

Good luck.
Thank you

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Thanks for the help. I have downloaded the correct BIOS for my laptop and extracted it. However when I open the DOS folder I do not have a file named 310.fd. The files I have are, 3236.BAT readnme.txt, PHLASH16.EXE and ZY2_3636.WPH.
Which one do I use? :S
I have also checked the other folders and cannot find a file named 310.fd