My laptop wont start [Solved/Closed]

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I have compaq cq40-154tu laptop.when I went to start my laptop,its ready to start and cpu fan is working for a while then shut automatically.but power button still on n only caps lock n scroll lock led keep blinking with no display on my lcd?i'm still confuse what the problem is and need any suggestion from you guys.
give any advice and what should I do and what cause the problem?
this problem can be solve or my laptop is damaged oredy??

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Thank you
Remove the battery and unplugged the power supply. I then held down the power button for 60 seconds. I then reinstalled the battery and the power supply and pushed the power button and voila !

You may need to repeat the process 2 or 3 times.

Good luck
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Thank you

i have an advent 6651 and that used to do something simmaler, when turned on the power lights etc would come on but no display, I had it repaired 3 times at great cost, repair men saying it was a loose graphics card etc, which was as I found out later was not the case at all, what I done is found ion the internet someone with the same problem and there solution (after the above had not worked) was to take the battery out, and the bios battery and then try and power up, it worked! all that money wasted getting so-called repairs, all to do now is replace the bios battery and battery and restart, and set the clock, hope this helps

regards Ryan
works great thanks