Windows XP corrupted

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 Ronnie - Dec 20, 2012 at 07:28 PM
Hello, I have an old laptop Compaq, it caught a virus which caused it to act erratic. However I was able to salvage my photos through a USB and some other files. After that I attempted to try and use the recovery disks that came with the computer but that didn't work. So I decided to try and redo the system. Not thinking too clearly at this point I downloaded a boot only freeBSD from the internet. Obviously something went wrong and now I can't gain access to windows anymore. I tried running the recovery disk again which left a message that I need to contact my administrator, since that is me I knew that I was in trouble. Recently I downloaded a free version of windows XP,
(WindowsXP-KB835935-SP2-ENU). No matter what I do that BSD takes over and I get nowhere. says invalid partition, no /boot/loader and no /boot/kernel/kernel, so any help out there? Thanks.


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Maybe try to ask a friend or someone you know who has a genuine copy of windows XP and just try to do a fresh install on that laptop since you recovered most of your files already should be no problem to just dump the whole hard drive and start from a new copy with no more virus.

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Follow these guidelines:

Boot From the Windows Install Disc
The first thing you'll need to do is boot off the install disc, and then click through until you see the "Repair your computer" link in the lower left-hand corner.
You'll need to choose the correct installation of Windows and then click the Next button.
And then you'll get to the System Recovery Options screen, where you can get to the Command Prompt.

Repairing the Master Boot Record
If you want to restore the master boot record, you can simply type in the following command:

bootrec /fixmbr

You can also write a new boot sector onto the system partition with this command (which is often more useful):

bootrec /fixboot

And of course, if you just use bootrec /? you'll be able to see all the options.
I really do appreciate the help, however none of the solutions was the problem. I had an original disc but until I created a PARTITION it was useless. I had purchased a disc Ultimate boot CD which I used to create a partition based on results I researched as to why I couldn't boot. Anyway I got it going and thanks again for looking out. Ron