Conected to lan, but not able to view pages,

matt - Feb 14, 2009 at 05:59 PM
 matt - Feb 15, 2009 at 12:44 PM
Hey guys, ive got a problem with a computer at work, first i will give you some background on the area, we have a lot of computers in our business (auto dealership) that are online, a few months ago one of the technicians purchased a laptop to make his diagnostics capabilities faster, this was great, but when he installed the wireless adaptor and software, he could not acess any web pages, so someone restarted the router and modem and all was good he was able to gain access to pages. no we have re arranged the shop and another pc is needed for the techs in the new part of the shop so a pc was purchased, i brought the pc home so that i could install some software, hooked it up and plugged in and it went online just great, took it to work and installed it, plugged in the internet wire and turned it on, it flashed up that the pc was connected to the lan, so i clicked on ie, adn it would not not open, so i clicked on the connection and found it to be sending packets and not receiving them, after a vast search i found several people who went and clicked the box to automatically detect isp and dns so i did that, after that i get a msg that i have limited or no connectivity, im lost, any ideas here, oh i had heard someone at work say that we were out of isp's and that there was no room for a new computer to go on the internet? anyone heard of this and will i get what im describing if this is the case??

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Feb 15, 2009 at 05:30 AM
reset the system and then try again.
check if the connection cable is a good one.
hey, thanks for the reply, ive tried a system reset and the cable is a good connection, i tried it on another pc in the building.
i thaught that i would also add that i unplugged one of the other computers on the network and that did nothing even after a reboot of the modem, i figured that if there was no room left that it would be repaired afte that