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I had trouble signing my yahoo accounts. Before I complained about it my both accounts were blocked by Yahoo.

A new provision requiring to give mobile # so that a code may be sent to confirm
users phone #. This started by Yahoo few months ago. How ever this should be optional and user can opt for it later on. How ever Yahoo message do not give that
and user can't further if does not have a mobile or do not want that now.

I complained about it and asked yahoo support team, what is verification code and
what if do not have phone or mobile # to give. It said some where that you can
give your friend's # to solve the trouble.

Yahoo did not answer my question. It said I should provide my account information.
During this process, I found the security question was altered. How ever my accout
was restored because other account information was good.

I still cound get recovered my first yahoo account that used for last 10 years. I was
told that security questions and account information do not meet requirements.

If information has been altered or account information is compromised, most users do
not have any document created to show proof of information or updated information
to challenge or show claim that you created account and it is hacked by system.

The suggestion that the user can create a new account as it is free is practical but
detrimental to users interests.

Yahoo team do not want to go further to help user if they say the account was compromised. yahoo has given no evidence or no formal notice that e mail account
is being blocked.

The user should be given chance to give evidence that he had been user and owner of account. This question is important as there are large number of users at risk of
loosing their account for ever. There should be further in this case and user's problem is not solved by giving password help.

If yahoo team do not yield, there must be remedy or arbitration or legal forum to help
the user justice and damages that imperfect internet services has done to him.

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what evidence a user can advance to show that he or she owned and
used the account.

previous passwords. The mail provider has stored information with each
account the previous passwords. The user should be asked not the last
or current but all password changes taken place in past.
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Hello Jupitor,

Through your long speech, I fail to understand what is the help you wish which would be within the scope of this forum.

if you have had e mail account that was free by your internet provider. if said account is blocked
for no apperent reason or notice and if the provider refused to restore it and do not help in the
circumstance that it was compromised or hacked.

what action the account holder can take in his or her efforts retrieve loss of account.

does he or she has no other option but open a new blank account ?

i had used the services of yahoo for continuous for 10 years. i neve believed such thing that
user forget password or he will have to answer security or yahoo will block it with out no apperent
cause or even notice that the account is blocked.

in fact one of the account was restored even it was not in my name and subsequently the first
account that in in my proper name is being refused by Yahoo to restore.

if account is hacked as said by provider, yahoo should help user and some thing more than
password help.

if your wallet is stolen, do not you go to police to help you get it back ? Or will you just go and buy
a new wallet and will be happy to loose one and get a new one ?
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I am terribly sorry ! I still don't know what you wish or want.

Good luck
i had two yahoo mail accounts.

since august 2012, i started getting message from yahoo to provide a mobile #
so that a confirmation code. the help link suggested that a user can use even a
friend's #. it did not give option for a user who does not have a phone or do not
wish to give mobile #.

i used to sign up correct with proper ID and password. as a result i could not had
access to my accounts. if on some time this box did not pop up, I had access to my e mails.

subsequently, my two accounts were blocked by yahoo, with out any notice or
reason. i complained to yahoo that when i used correct ids and password, why
the trouble of giving mobile #. similar message i get for google account now.
it provided an option that i can skip and use it for future. the difference clearly
show that yahoo forget to give option to users who do not alternate e mail
or mobile #. thanks. can any user take legal action for fault in service at Yahoo ?

i was not answered to this issue. but i could give correct information about one
account, one of the two account was restored. even this account was not in my
proper name and atleast one security question was I found substituted.

in other account that I used for last 10 years, two security questions were
altered and account information was not matching.

for most account holders security questions are important, they do not have
copies of this information with them. over the years they may have lost it.

i could now understand that this forum is a substitute forum works for Yahoo
and not the signing members.

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Now your message is much more clear.

You are mistaken, Kioskea has no connection what so ever with Yahoo. The solutions provided here come from similar experiences lived by members.

Have you looked in Kioskea's "How-to" section for possible solutions ?

Perhaps, you account was hacked something which often happens with Yahoo and Hotmail.

Have you tried to contact Yahoo customer care ?

Go to this page to contact customer care, you will eventually get to a form to fill :

Select password and sign in

Select forgot secret question

Click on password helper

Fill the form

P.S. I never had a Yahoo account, but, with some work to help others on the Yahoo site, I found the info.
Thanks for continuing the thread.

I have gone through these. Yahoo help,Yahoo Conceirge team. I lodeged
complaint with BBB.

I could not get my account restored because of existing yahoo framework of trouble shooting.

Not only yahoo, Gamil or AOL provide free internet access.
These are less secure as most usere think and perceive. I had no trouble for using for about 10 years.

There can't be two principles. YAHOO asked for account information like name and address of user and date of birth and zip.

I was restored one account although it was not in my name.

The other account is in my name. But it was refused because account infromation and security question is compromised.

I am constrained to take legal action. But it hard to find out a forum or lawyer
willing to take the challenge. It is not known if any legal framework that is
working to guide the internet services. If it is accident case, you will have ready
attorney to sign and initiate actipon.

Legal help is way faqr in the US.
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Dear Jupitor,

I understand your frustration, more so that it's impossible to communicate with a person for any free e-mail service. Everything is mechanised.

Yahoo offers a free service and you are free to use it or not. When it's free you cannot expect to sue for compensation. If you look at their terms of service to which you agreed to, you will see that there are very well protected against any court action worldwide.

According to the number of messages received on this forum, it's obvious that pirates have a way into Yahoo accounts and that Yahoo accounts get compromised.

For e-mailing purposes, because of security, I do not use any free services provided by any most popular providers which you have mentioned. I have three e-mail accounts with my Internet Service Provider which are provided free with my Internet package. I also use my own e-mail software. I would suggest that you look into those options for the future.

Best regards

Moderator and Security Contributor
dear moderator !

it is difficult to believe that in the US you can't sue or immunity is granted. it looks
unethical to sue as reward for free service. question is of getting suitable forum or
lawyer willing to take challenge. you could understand that interests of many users
are involved. if your credit score is wrong, you may get help to correct it.

for example banks provide free checking or free card service to account holders. But they charge merchants. i had once a question, but it was established that the bank
followed procedures set by relevant laws.

earlier I said that my two accounts were blocked. What actually happened was the
faulty message about mobile phone use made the account inaccessible. the words used like confirmation code or msm made it more complicated. it did not give option
to user who had no mobile phone or did not want to use personal phone at relevant

i used correct yahoo IDs and passwords, but the message popped up infrequently
and it resulted in my difficulty to access. i asked yahoo about it. but they did not answer specific about the mobil phone #. instead they provided my password change link. during the efforts, it was found that atleast one question was some
what that I did not set. most users do not have a printed copy for records.

one account was blocked by yahoo, but yahoo did not have reason on record or
notice to alternative e mail account. they said when i called, some one might have temepered. but there should record of this and any one who claims has right to it.

a public forum like your's has right to ask for lost accounts and unresolved accounts.

if the internet provider set methods and procedures best of its own and in absence
of any legal set, still it can be challenged for its reasonableness and fairness.

and yahoo says that security is their highest concerns !
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Mar 10, 2013 at 05:20 PM
Hello Jupitor,

"a public forum like your's has right to ask for lost accounts and unresolved accounts."

en.Kioskea is a helping community and all the answers and solutions to issues are provided by volunteers such as me. I am a moderator but still just a plain unpaid volunteer.

I fail to see where you got to see that en.Kioskea would have the right to ask for lost accounts. Even the highest autorities of CCM Benchmark Group have no contact with Yahoo, barely with Google for advertisement purposes.

Yahoo or any other e-mail service, when you subscribe have you check a box saying that you have read and agree to the terms of service in which they decline all liability for lost data or interruption of service. You example of bank services is ill choosen for their bank charter is quite different than an Internet service which is worldwide, conditions for security vary from one user to another.

Depending on your use of internet, sometimes you may open ports which may open the door to hackers and pirates. Public e-mail services cannot be deemed responsible for the user's lack of security.

I wish myself that I could contact a real human at Yahoo because I'm getting somewhat tired of seeing all of those new posts about lost accounts, lost passwords and security questions. A few months ago we were flooded with Hotmail issues.

Doesn't Verizon provide e-mail service or accounts ?

I understand your frustration but sometimes it's healthy to let go and go on to something else.

Best regards

P.S. If you ever find a lawyer willing to take on your cause as well as others, I will be most happy to hear about it.