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 Mel -
I have NTFS partition system on my hdd in laptop but can't install windows xp. I see the following message when i boot from XP CD:
"setup must write some startup files to the following disk"
"However, this disk doesn't contain a windows XP-compatible partition."
Please help me out to resolve this issue.

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as you are saying this disk doesn't contain a windows XP-compatible partition....strange!!!
Because this error is related to the same, when XP installation starts it copies setup files. [may be you are already having it but corrupt]
Otherwise start new installation by formatting that partition. When you boot system on XP CD it will prompt you to press CD key & etc.....just let it copy those setup files completely & then format partition & then it will copy files which XP need to install.
if you have more than one primary partiton "this disk doesn't contain a windows XP-compatible partition." this must displayed. you create partitions from all unpartitioned space
I had the same problem I re-install my windows XP and deleted the old partition and created a new, the other half of may disk had data and didn't want to erase it so I try with a new disk that I partition with partition magic and it still give me wrong so I erase everything and create a partition with the windows and buala.

It seems that when you remake the partition it cause problems, some one tell me that you can hide the other partitions, I honestly do not try it