Dell mediadirect express cannot access your hard drive appears [Solved/Closed]

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cannot open my dell laptop
the computer says: dell mediadirect express cannot access your hard drive. this may be because you have enabled Microsoft bitlocker (drive encryption). mediadirect express is not accessible when Microsoft bitlocker is enabled.
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Thank you

Try this 1

Switch off your laptop and press the "MediaDirect" button. It will be near the

power button.

If you have no idea about the "MediaDirect" button, then click on the below

hyperlink "MediaDirect" button.

Dell Media Button

Look at the image in "Figure 1" to see that particular button.

Good Luck

Thank you, jack4rall 11

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What you mean with follow the figure 1. Actually it didn't work.
Wotked for me. Thanks.
Work for me, thanks!!!! I just let that button press and taran worked...thanks
It works for me. Thank you so much. I almost cry for I thought I can't use this laptop a anymore