Bios Does not show Cd ROM boot option or USB boot option!

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OK so here is the issue, I downloaded Linux a couple weeks ago on my Lenovo IdeaPad U510. About a week later I decided I did not want Linux anymore! Now here I am regretting that I deleted the partition for Linux and expanded the HDD back to normal. I decided I wanted to dual boot Linux along side Windows AGAIN!!!! I put in the disk and go into the bios coming to find out that there is no option to boot from a CD ROM or even a USB. All the options it gives me is Windows boot loader... EFI- a bunch of numbers and Lenovo Recovery! I really want to boot back up again through another operating system again so PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HELP!!!
I called Lenovo and they seemed to have no interest in my problem all they cared about was me paying up to $200 for a single day service!!! So Help QUICK!!! Thanks!!!!

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May 3, 2013 at 11:31 AM
When the computer is starting up you need to enter the BIOS settings which can normally be accessed by pressing F2 or DEL.

once you're in there should be an option for boot order (could be in a sub setting).

change your first boot device to CD ROM.

F10 to save and exit.