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 Ian -
Hi Everyone. Am having a problem with my Cybercafé Pro.V5 I have15 machine and which I numbered them accordingly. 1.2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13... and 1 is a server , so whenever I have clients in all the computers, I see computer 2 on a client side becomes computer 5 on the server, and if I closed like computer 5 ,and it closes computer10 something like that .. a lot of trouble ,and if like there are no clients on the computers, some of the computers are logged on without a client , and when I go to see on the server I found that there are on and with some amount of money shown on the screen ....

So I cant stop having errors whenever after like 5minute I receive a sound message saying system alert , and all the computers are disconnect at the same time

Can anybody please tell me what the problem here is?

I will appreciate for any help

Thanks a lot in advance

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I think you just need to make sure all your computers are setup in the same language and currency setup. It sounds like there is a conflict there.

Also you can change the name on the computer itself to change the name on the screen.

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just assign static ip on each clients.. that solves the prob... assign also the first static ip into server.. and use a switchhub and router for your internet.. the server should be connected directly to the router.. and the clients are connected to the switchhub then the switchhub connects to the router.. (y)
Ive found it easier to use a router with DHCP and just assign an IP to each one. Once I did that Cyber Cafe worked perfectly and my pc are always in the proper oreder on my screen and I assinged them in order from one to 25 like this:
Router (default)
station one
three etc.
And whenever I add a computer I go in and register the new mac address in the router or rename one if Im just replacing a machine.
I do all this from my laptop and Ive done the same with Netgear and dlink routers.
In windows I put them all under the same group name and in network properties I set it up to automatically obtain ip.
Ive used both CyberCafePro and TimerCafe using the same setup and have never had the problem since.
CyberCafePro will also be releasing the new version 6 by the end of Jan 2010. You should download it and install. It is free to use now and is updated for WIndows 7.

well I had the same prob, and I must agree that you have a naming conflict,
try to set an IP address insted of a "server name" in client station

this would solve ur prob ;)
one problem I am having with Cyber Cafe 5, I'm trying to image the drive to a larger one. Everything I try to image the drive will put the image into a demo mode. I have tried the CCP 6 and it caused more problems then I care to admit to. Can anyone out there help with my problem of upgrading my HDD with out causing the demo mode from comming up?
You can just send your customer number and new machine ID to support, so they can get you a new code... unless your is pirated. CCP 6 is free and better. Just use that if you are using pirated software.
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There is a bug in this software or you need to install a good anti virus and perform a scan to remove possible presence of virus. Or you may try using another software.