CoD4 Multiplayer servers not same as friend's

snotted - Feb 24, 2009 at 09:10 AM
 Phil - Aug 22, 2010 at 01:33 AM
Hi all.

Last night a friend and I tried to play Call of Duty 4 together online. We both get servers listed but none of them match what the other has. We made sure that our patch versions were the same (1.7.568) made sure our search parameters were the exact same and we still couldn't find any servers that we both had in the list.

I know there have been some glitches mentioned in other forums about Vista and running CoD4. I run Vista 64 bit and he runs XP. Could it be linked to our OS being different or are servers organized by what region of the country you're in and we're not looking in the same region? I was getting a list of about 15,000 server matches and he was getting 18,000. If anyone else has any suggestions or if I need to give more information, let me know, I'll be checking back often. Thanks in advance!

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Hey, I'd been looking for hours as I've been having the same problem with my friend. I just found an answer and I read your question earlier, so I felt it was only right to suggest that maybe we have the same problem. It turns out my friend has CoD4 version 1.0 and mine is version 1.7 (the latest patch). The developers obviously got lazy, as the game doesn't patch by itself. So, my friend downloaded version 1.6, and then version 1.7 (you can skip versions 1.1-1.5). If you're having the same troubles we were, I think one of your games may not be updated (it shows different servers if you have different versions).

Here are the links to the patches:

I hope this helped, if not, good luck solving your problem.