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I'm using Mixcraft 6.1 as a DAW to record GuitarRig 5 pro using the VST file!!
I have my homemade midi foot-controller, I use Rejoice to convert signal, and LoopBe30 as an internal midi mapper!!
The Problem is that I can't control guitar rig (in VST mode) with my homemade foot-controller, the VST don't receive MIDI signal!!
How can I fix that please??!!
Ps: everything works fine in Guitar rig standalone mode!! :/
Please, I need your Help!!!

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Make certain your VST is Listening to the right Channel. To test, make your vst respond to any and all MIDI signals!

Then Isolate to the proper channel.

You may also need a controller like MIDI yoke to patch in the signals.

I used MIDIYOKE through XBOX controller to hook my ROCKBAND drums into MIXCRAFT for added purcussion.