Watching Video from my PC on my TV

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I got a basic setup where I use an S-Video cable to watch videos from my PC to my TV. When I use windows media player the video plays on my monitor but not on my TV. But when I used VLC it played on both.

Then I reinstalled Windows, used the same graphics card driver as before but now when I use VLC the video does not come up on my TV. Thought it might be because I was using a newer version of VLC, but I uninstalled and used an older version and it still doesn't work. Updated graphics driver but it still won't work on my TV

Anyone know why this would happen? Anyone got any suggestions?


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veronika christine
Mar 26, 2010 at 04:02 PM
i watching now
Yeah sure check out then go to chat and email support they have a chat support to talk with pc and all sort of professionals that will help you with your computer or electronic device
Use an Fn key on your keyboard and either F8 or F4 at once. Use these keys twice:first to video appears to your tv second usage(press) to see your Laptop picture and tv picture at once.
Thanks, Bosnian man.

You have to hold the function key "Fn", and press either "F8" or "F4".
You don't have to watch downloaded video only on your computer screen: hook up your computer to a television to watch video on your hard drive with the big-screen effect.

All you need to do so is a TV out port on your computer and the right cable. Check out the back of your PC or the sides of your laptop for an S-Video port, pictured on the right. (If you don't have one, video cards with S-Video ports are available for under $100.) Then, check your TV's inputs. Many TVs have S-Video ports in so you'll need an S-Video to S-Video cable. If not, an S-Video to RCA cable will work. Connect the computer to the television while the computer's off and the TV's on. Then turn on the computer to give your machine the chance to detect it has an external display available.

Computer video experts: any more tips on watching computer video on a TV screen? Let us know in the comments or via email to tips at

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the catiilac dyolics converter or use a double hook up cord to transfer over like you would with a projector
with hulu for example, sometimes you need to turn your tv on first and input select on tv your cable jack ie, vga, av, hdmi then start your browser quickly for the tv to pick it up. Weird though, sometimes it will find it right away and sometimes it takes 2 to 4 tries.
May 30, 2010 at 09:46 PM
you shouldnt have updated now your screwed dude
i'm sure you know about this but you have to drag the program from screen to screen. so you click on something hold it down and drag it like the two screens are side by side.
Use display property setting. There should be 2nd monitor sign. If it is not comming there is some problem with the connection.
Hello I have a laptop thinkpad T42P and I changed the system to Windows 7 everything is good but I like to use a s-vedeo The problem does not have any options to set it with the type of TV please, if one knows any solution is given. any way my graphic card T42p - ATI MOBILITY FIRE GL T2 (128), and the I Tested install ATI catalyst also not working.
hold function-f8 and options will come up and one option will come up with pictures of devices but you will need to go into av-1.
hold Function-F8
i have not graphic card so I want to change my pc graphic seting for games
What I do is hook up my media PC to my TV via HDMI / RGB cable and just have VLC player running full screen all the time. I use to actually stream all my videos to vlc. Its really good at pausing, skipping, and has video thumbnails - I control it from any home laptop or my ipod touch. I can also stream to any other pc as well as stream live TV when I'm away. I've got it working like a sling box where I can get my tv on my iphone via 3g!
How can I watch live streaming and youtube videos through xp media center
same thing happened here man
Two things you need to get:
1. TV card
2. cable

link up your TV with PC monitor and adjust the output video quality on your computer screen.

one advantage of watching tv program on PC computer is that you can record what you like realtime with software. I often record my favourite program with screen recording software. It's great.
when I use u tube it shows missing plug in .it does not play videos .what should I do .i am using dell mini.