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I'm using Windows XP on a HP Pavilion Laptop. My computer had a virus that went away when I erased the HD putting it back to it's original state. This was the advice of the Geek Squad. My problem now is I cannot load the data back on the HD because it says it is almost full. I should be able to put the saved info back on the computer. I don't know what is taking up the space. What is on the laptop when I look at the different programs etc. does not add up to 79G.
I have tried different programs that tell me how my space is being allocated. I have been able to free up a few G's but not enough to reload my data. Help???

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Open My computer,go to tools, folder options, then view, scroll down and enable show hidden folders, click apply and ok. Then open C: Drive, go into documents and settings then your account folder then hover your mouse over the local settings folder , then temp folder and delete what is in there and then your done. good luck
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thank you so much for this comment, it completely fixed the same problem with my USB
tnx its work
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this may be due to a virus.
Ad-aware 6 is a free program that you can download at:
hello my notebook gateway I drop it I was unable to recovery after I call gate way pay money was a simple problem hard drive was cliking I open the harddrive cover and reseated it it isa good now cliking hard might need to reseated gate say is no video toggple fn -f4 you might dont need all that reseated the hard drive or you can run gw scan it will tell you what if you passs gw scan not am good to go good luck evryone gate way was unable to help me I did it
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try this link http://forum.tips4pc.com/index.php?topic=808.0 This guy had the same problem and was solved...

Sorry I edited the link
hey can u email me at Email Id removed for security .. I have the same problem that u posted a link to that said it would fix it but the link does not work...
adaware by lavasoft is NOT a virus, james, it's a world renoun program for anti spam. read a little.
Ummm.... I don't think he was saying that it was a virus, ZGWin... Wow... kinda protective about your Adaware, huh?
BTW, it is "renowned". Maybe you should read a little?

I had the same problem as Big Rod and I used Collotropia's answer to get part of the way, but when the files were shown, after enabling the hidden folders to be shown I found an Application Data folder in the All Users folder. In the Application Data folder were various folders relating to programs I had installed, but there was one called microsoft that had pretty much all of the missing space, and in it were various folders, one of which was called Dr. Watson that had taken all the space. It turns out Dr.Watson is a microsoft program error debugger tool that creates a text logfile that can be used to solve program faults. However, the text file was 86Gb!! I deleted it but it just appeared again and only went when I used Delete on Reboot aka remove on reboot shell extension here http://download.fyxm.net/Remove-on-45066.html

When I rebooted the Dr. Watson text file was gone and the 86Gb was back in free space. Here are a couple of web pages about Dr. Watson



Try that and see if it works, good luck
That will install a virus. avoid.