HDMI sound problem windows 8

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Sunday June 23, 2013
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June 23, 2013
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I can not hear sound when I connected my new computer to new LED TV. Display is proper.HDMI is connected to Graphic Card Nvidia Quadro 600K. Operating system windows 8

I tried following things
1) Cable connection proper
2) Driver properly installed
3) In windows 8 i clicked on All application then Control Pannel> Sound> Clicked on Samsung 1 High Definition audio high definition audio default device Then clicked on set default
3a) When music is played there is vibration of sound in default device but no sound in tv
4) It shows Sound is full every where tv , driver etc

Kindly advice further

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What Happens when you plug in another HDMI device into the TV?

Remeber, HDMI is not an industry standard, so what works on one mangufacturers tv, may be built to a different "spec" with another, even though the plug looks the same, it is not S'peaking" the same format.