Hard disk doesn't work internally

 ynneb27 -

I have a 40 & 8 gb hard drives, when I install them in the computer it do not work. the motherboard powers on but the psu does not. but when I use them as externals, the pc can read it and its working. what could be the problem. please help.

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your computer is behavimg so because it is trying to boot from the hard drives.
i guess that you have no windows installed in these drives, this is why you are getting this problem.
check if the drives are set to master, you will find the configuration on the drive itself.
if they are on the master mode, set them to slave mode. then should not be getting these problems.

it is like this, I have a 4 gb currently set as my master and has an os on it (xp), what I did was install a second hard drive (a 40 gb and an 8gb alternately) which I set as slaves. When the other did not work, I tried the other which also did not work. The motherboard's (samsung with a celeron 633) led lights on but when I power on the pc , nothing happens, completely dead. And when I unplugged the slave drive, it powers on and boots to windows. I tried plugging (power) the slave drive while on bios setup and reset the pc and miraculously it worked. It powers on and windows recognized it. When I plug the slave drive while the power is off and switch it on,nothing. Don't you think its the power connector of the drives or maybe the psu. Please help.
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or you could just keep hitting F8 untill you get the options to chose which device you sould like to boot from, chose you normal device, the one with your os.