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Can anyone help!....I have no log on or off sounds also when I play streaming video I get the video but no audio.I have tried all the suggestions posted so far and still no audio.No yellow marks in device manager,no red x either all sound devices apear to be functioning correctly.I did diagnostics with dxdiag and all sounds ok.I went in to sounds and audio devices,properties clicked on audio,under sound playback is:soundmax digital audio,checked volume all ok ( by the way ,I uninstalled soundmax and re installed it from dell"s download site ) I have tried to follow instructions from microsoft and dells support sites as to how to get my log on and off sounds back but there is a problem.According to them I should open my sounds and audio devices,click on sounds and under program events pick any of them such as asterisk and click the play symbol beside it,however the symbol is not highlited and can not be clicked.My system is a dell dimention 3000 and iam running windows xp home,if any one has a similar problem and found a solution please respond.P.S I can play a dvd or cd and no problem, also I can play all the songs I have in My I tunes without any audio problems.

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i had the same problem...i have some kinda MSI sound manager.. i went and change the environment settings and it started working
I have exactly the same problem.. and everything seems ok in the control panel and hardware.. i don't know what to do... :x
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There might be two problelms linked to this if I am not wrong. Either your audio driver folder has been corrupted by some kind of virus that will not allow you to get the sound in stream only else your driver has let you down. Is it only when playing stream that you have this problem or with all your audio files?

Try to remove and install the audio driver again this might help you out I hope!
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Feb 24, 2009 at 06:47 AM
Thank you for your reply verre cz, as I mentioned I have unionstalled and re installed the audio driver to no avail,I am able to get audio for everything else,but not for when I try to play streaming video.I f you are right and there is some sort of virus how do I get it out of my system.I am running AVG (free addition) did a complete scan of my system and it found no infections.Still need help does anyone else have any suggestions?........Still no log on or off sounds and by the way I can't even get the volume icon on the lower task ber,even though the little box in sounds and audio devices is checked.
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Jan 25, 2011 at 07:58 AM
I had to re-install the operating system from the cd that came with my Dell dimention 3000.once you that you have to download all the drivers (make sure you download them in the order Dell says on their site.You may want to download all the drivers on to a memory stick first.
I have had no problems since I followed this procedure,good luck
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