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Hello,i want u to advice me on how to change the language of my laptop from italian to english.thank u
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Go to the "Start" menu, then choose "Settings," "Control Panel" and "Regional and Language Options."
Click the "Languages" tab, then the "Details" button, the "Settings" tab and the "Add" button.

Choose an input language from the list. You can choose ANY language. For example, if English (US) is the "input language," check the "Keyboard layout/IME" box to select the US-International English keyboard from the list. Click "OK" and close the input window. A language indicator should appear in the System Tray (the area in the bottom right hand corner of the desktop). Switch between input languages by pressing the "Alt" and "Shift" keys simultaneously.

Click "Apply" to finish the process and finalize your choices. You shouldn't need the Windows installation CD for this process.

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Switching to another language is only possible if you have the Ultimate or Enterprise version of Windows. So, for 'normal' users that buy a simple laptop with pre-installed Windows 7 Home Premium, the above answers are not an option, unless you pay extra and upgrade.
See this link:
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For the most part, each copy of Vista comes in one distinct language. (Exceptions, however, do exist, such as in India where there are multiple dominant languages.) If you wish to change the language you must download a Multilingual User Interface Pack (MUI). Unfortunately such is only supported by Vista Enterprise and Vista Ultimate, so as a Home Premium user there is nothing you can really do unless you are willing to either upgrade to Ultimate or purchase an English copy.
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Vista users may want to look into this software.