Dell Studio 1558 Laptop Black Screen and not Booting. [Closed]

 Conphy -
Laptop Model: Dell Studio 1558 i5 Processor 15.6"
Mother Board: 04DKNR
Ram: DDR3: 2 X 2 GB

When I am working with above Laptop, I connected one USB Pen Drive and I copied some files and I removed the USB Pen drive without proper ejecting procedure. "I Got full HD white screen and I could not able to view are surf anything" Then I turned off the system using Power button "I pressed it until system shut down.
When I tried to turn on the system, I pressed the power button, the system is running with following conditions

1. System is showing Black screen. Even not able to see Dell logo.
2. I got sound of DVD drive start up sound
3. Hard disk running sound.
4. Heat sync fan is running.
5. After running system for 5 to 10 minutes with above status, I pressed power button, system shuttled down immediate without any single second delay.
6. So based on above activity I came to know system was not able to boot.
7. I did Screen test by pressing "D + Power button" I got 7 colors displayed on screen. (So Screen is working properly)
8. I tried removing the CMOS Battery, that doesn't worked. Still system not working
9. And I tried discharging the reserved cache power by pressing power button for 1 minute after removing the Battery and AC power charge adaptor. that doesn't worked. Still system not working
10. I removed Ram and tried with single slot with different combinations. That doesn't worked. Still system not working

So can anyone help me to fix this issue.

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Additional to what you did, try replacing one, or if necessary, both memories, it worked with mine.
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i suggest you try the following:
1. remove battery and unplug from wall power outlet
2. hold down power button for 30-45 seconds
3. reconnect battery and charger to wall outlet
4. try to start the system again

Good Luck

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