Insert key on keyboard: function, insertion, replacement

Insert key on keyboard: function, insertion, replacement

On most standard computer keyboards you will find an insert key (INS). This key is usually above the arrow keys, and beside the Delete key. Its main use is to switch between two modes of entry: either text insertion or text replacement. By default, Windows uses the insert mode for entering text but occasionally you may find yourself in replacement mode and not know what to do. Read on to find out how to reset the keyboard to type normally.

What is the difference between the two modes?

  • In insert (default) mode, typed characters are inserted at the cursor location.
  • In replacement mode, writing each new character replaces an existing character, the one right next to the cursor.

Resolving INS Key Problems

If the word you type now replaces the one previously typed, although frustrating, the problem is simple. You have most likely unknowingly pressed the INS key thereby changing the modes. All you need to do is press the INS key again to reset the keyboard back to the insert default mode.

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