My 'fn' key has reversed?! [Closed]

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Okay, so I have a windows 8 computer (toshiba make) and usually, when i press the F9 button it turns the volume down, and F10 for turning the volume up. But Since last night, for some reason it has reversed, so in order to adjust volume I have to hold down the 'fn' button and THEN the F9/F10 button. THis is just really confuusing me and frustrating me as I am not used to the difference and I preferred it how it was!
I have already tried the "hold down 'fn' and 'numlock' key" but that failed to work, along with messing around with the CTRL and ALT buttons too, but they too did not work... any help?!
Thankyou in advance! :)

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If you HAVE a function key, it must be pressed. I have a full row of F (unction) keys. I have a Function key in order for the soft commands to do what I want, so F5, refreshed the page, unless i hold down the fn+F5-then I eject my disk, as
that is what I want my soft function to be. Try F11 - kiosk mode for the browser, fn+F11- goes forward in my browser history!

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