Cisco Linksys WRT120N Wireless N Home Router

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Hi, I have the WRT120N Wireless Router with the NetGear 5 port Switch attached for my 3 computers in my home and my laptops, cell phones, Roku, etc. I'm not very good at this electronic stuff, so please bear with me. A lot of the time, our phones aren't on the internet and when we try and hook up it says unable to connect and then after a while it connects?? Sometimes the laptop does the same. It says limited access?

I don't know why it's doing that? Any ideas? I used SECTV Cable for my phone internet and cable.

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Apr 2, 2014 at 04:02 PM
Ok, hang in there. This is sticky, as the provides make it sound like their networks and hardware are bullet proof, and they are not.

Let us take a look at the scenerio of a single wire getting cut, out at the street, and your computer displays a message saying "limited". You can understand that, because your physical network cable got cut!

Now, let us get into the world of reselling bandwidth and such......Even though they have access to the "network", doe not always mean they have the resources to deliver. In other words, procesing gets overloaded, and "packets" (you know all of our data chopped up into little compartments) start gettgin dropped, because there is no resources to hand it off. Then another is dropped, once again because no resources. Then another, and and another. then the requests for retransmission override the connection header, and your network drops.

Make certain your home or office has the latest and greatest for what is out at the street. If one is talking too fast, or if there is a physcial problem out at the street, the two will not be able to have a stable talk. Make certain YOUR ISP has exstinguished all of their efforts FIRST! You pay for a service. If you cannot use their bandwidth, find another. If they are the only game in town, then what?