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Thursday May 8, 2014
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May 8, 2014
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Help, My hotmail account has been blocked, I changed my password recently due to the Heartbleed virus but I've forgotton it, and I temporarily forgot my secret answer but remembered it AFTER I got blocked. They can't send my a reset code to my phone because my account still uses my old phone number. I tried to get help from microsoft and they said they would only help me if I registered with them and paid a minimum charge of £37. They refused to answer any of questions until I paid. Do you know how long they will block it for before I can use my secret answer again? and if it's blocked indefinitely, how can I get back on without paying a fortune for something they say might not work.

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Please do not give up a credit card number to unlock a free account. It is not going to happen overnight, but you must make them aware of it, and be persisitent.

Keep submitting forms until it won't let you any more!

Go to this page to contact customer care, fill the form and wait for the answer :


Select password and sign in

Select forgot secret questions and answers

Click on the envelope

Fill the form

Good luck
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