Data partitiion on windows 8 lenovo b590

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i have a disk with 4 partitions on my Lenovo b 590 with Windows 8 :

1 for EFI system
1 for recovery
1 other for recovery too
1 for system.

I would like add a data partition. How can i do ?

Thank you

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May 13, 2014 at 10:57 AM

Go to start and search for disk management (ensure you select settings from the drop down).

Right click on the System partition and select Shrink. Enter the amount you want to shrink by 1024MB = 1TB.

Right click the unallocated partition you've just made and select new simple volume.

Then run through the wizard - leaving the default values will suffice.

- Do not right click that partition and select mark as active. Do not do anything else once you've created the partition with a drive letter. You run the risk of breaking your OS.

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