PC starts but windows not booting- temp. way to retrieve data?

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as stated in the title. my PC started regularly with the short beep and all, the monitor shows green light meaning its working, had the very first black start screen with "ACER" and the help buttons F12 and options. but then it goes all black screen and nothing happens. another words, windows didnt boot (because normally it will show the icon of windows booting right? it didnt)

previously before it totally died on me like that, it did have a number of times it hanged, or had some stripes coming out, and 1-2 times it beeped very long (and i shut it down before it ended LOL)

im suspecting its a graphics card failure. but my sis and i would probably not need this pc anymore since its been some years plus i got my laptop and shes moving out too.

So im wondering if there is ANY way i can just retrieve my files and data inside the pc without having it being sent for repair? (since im about to give up on it LOL)

i saw on some sites some ways are to remove the hard drive (but im rly a pc nerd so im afraid to do any disassembling)...

also some were saying you could use a windows installation/ ISO flash drive or something..? BUT thing is i couldnt figure out how to get the ISO ><

and then this thread say you could try heating up the whole laptop/CPU and it can fix the whole problem and boot your system, but i dont know if that situation is the same as mine..

please help and advice!! thank you! :)

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Jun 26, 2014 at 02:20 PM
There are devices that you can buy, that will allow a usb connection to be changed to a sata connection, so that your laptop will boot up and see the other harddrive as a drive.

If you can remove the hardrvie and get a device like this one:https://www.monoprice.com

You can then access the files. You have to be careful though, as the harddrive will be exposed and possibly causing a shock hazard!

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