Browser to internet lost but router working fine [Solved/Closed]

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 Ihatewindows8 -
I'm in a pickle, please help, if you are sure that you can.

Hardware: Toshiba laptop, Satellite C50 and Sky broadband modem
Software : Windows 8, AVG virus protection, GoogleChrome browser

After updating AVG files and running automatic scan, AVG restarted computer. From that point on I was unable to access internet - even though broadband router is working and laptop reports that it is connected.

At that stage Googlechrome was reorting that it was unable to access the internet.

I read online (using husband's pc on same router) that I ought to uninstall Googlechrome and reinstall it.
I went to : Start> Programmes>Googlchrome>Uninstall.

It has uninstalled it, but now there isn't any way for me to reinstall it.

Please help specific for the ghastly Windows 8.

Very Many thanks

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I suggest you try the Microsoft Fix-It site.

Good Luck
Thank you

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Hi, Thanks for your suggestion however the problem was fixed as follows:

PC was back-dated 48 hours, to prior to the problem arising.
AVG was then deleted and reinstalled. Malware was removed.

So, it seems the problem was with AVG, though the Tech-guy says that it might be something to do with Windows 8 "disagreeing with AVG".

Very many thanks for your suggestion though.