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Hi all, was wondering, if I have a bluetooth handphone, will it be possible for me to connect to my lappy, to share the WiFi internet connection rather than surfing the net using GPRS. So basically, the laptop is already connected to the Internet via WiFi, if I pair the lappy and phone using bluetooth, will I be able to surf the net using the phone? My WiFi is built-in, but I am using a bluetooth dongle (USB) so both function can run simultaneously. If I can surf using bluetooth, what configuration do I need to change? Any help is much appreciated. Regards.

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Actually girl15 is wrong. with the right combination of devices this is possible. I do it now.

The best LAN access USB dongle currently in My opinion is a Linksys USBBT100. It is a class 1 device with all the range you should need. This has the needed software too to provide LAN Access - NOT PAN

My dongle has been outfitted with a TERK Wifi 0 antenna to boost it's range to well over 1300 feet. Parabolic reflector has yielded results of nearly 1.4 mile range with an 11db Dipole and Reflector.

My Laptop shares it's wifi access to this USB bluetooth dongle. I have this paired with my TREO755p and also did this with my TREO650.

Setup for my device to do so... TO pair, USE the connection for LAN, and then SELECT it over the VERIZON network on my phone.

End result- I get full speed 700k. 700 feet solid access radius around my antenna.

Anywhere I can get Wifi with my laptop I can get BLuetooth Internet to my Phone

I can slingbox, bluetooth commander, Mundu IM, Skype, EMail, Surf, Pocket tunes, Coreplayers Youtube. Beeline TV. etc etc.

I rather take my treo to my hotel bathroom than the laptop anyday. with this I can even usually use my phone in the lobby, lounge dining area while my laptop is in my room.

I've set XP up to use the provided bluetooth stack and not Microsoft or this would not work after XP Sp2 ( this is not tested in Vista )
Thank you

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DUDE...why would you need phone with access to tv in the bathroom??? Sound kinda "sticky" to me...
Thanks scrufboy,

First thing is u got the question right. I have myself posted this question in different forums and got the usual answer "NO", but I couldnt make out how it was so impossible to do that.

I am a little confused as this is the first time I am seeing this kind of an implementation. Appreciate a little more clarification on this.

Do we necessarily need to have a Linksys USBBT100 itself to accomplish this?? or is it fine with any usb bluetooth dongle around?? Wot is the specification that we need to look for?? Seems like its basically for smartphones, however is a phone like N73 equipped to use this?? If it is so, can u throw a brief info abt the configuration necessary for this??

Do I also get it that a wifi connection on the laptop is not mandatory and a simple network cable connection can do the job if we have a dongle like this??

Sorry if I sounded stupid, appreciate all the information you provide on this. Thanks a ton in advance :)

Good point mentioned abt the mobility, makes it much more easier than carrying a lappy around...

I am trying to set up a wireless connection between 2 desktop computers in my apartment which are around 50 ft apart through a couple of regular sheet rock walls.

I have a Linksys L I 524 WIRELESS ROUTER on sys 1

I bought a wireless adapter for sys 2 which has disappeared...I wondered would a bluetooth dongle work on system 2 in place of the wireless adapter?

If so is there any special setup for it?
Thank you

hey nokia E7 iz hving WLAN in built in it and near my home a router has been fixed permanently but it WEP key protected its my friend he has told it and I can access my WAP services for FREE!!!!!ISNT GOOD!!!
nokia 5130 isn't wi-fi enabled
Well. This is possible. This depends upon the phone you are using. I am able to connect using the BT connection made into my nokia n73 phone. You will also need a gnu box2 software for this purpose. Go through the internet and search for GNU box and how to install it and you will be finding the answer.
has anyone tried this with the samsung Behold? Do you think that it would work?
you can connect your phone to internet directly thru wifi if your phone is wifi ready. Check your phone specs. If not wifi ready, you can try using your phone's bluetooth to laptop/pc bluetooth. just install first the cd driver that comes from your phone and < computer external bluetooth(optional)>.
well if you have a sony ericson you can do it. it just needs a few settings tweaks on the computer to enable it but after that it works
vat about lg??
what about lg ks362??
yes u can connect ur bluetooth with ur table fan
i connect it to our fridge and it's cool!
but we can plug the both compiuter together
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