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My Comuter went down about 6 months ago, I switched it on and the screen was blank, and the tower was just making beeping sounds.

A friend of mine took it and checked it all over removing parts and dusting and replacing them, he is now saying to get it up and running again I will need to replace each part one at a time, until he finds the part that has failed.
Sounds like an exspenive operation to me, would I be better off loosing what is on there and buying a new tower, which as you can imagine I am relucent to do.

Help Please.

Dotty P

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you don't need to purchase news parts to test all components.

first of all start by disconnecting hard drives, cd drives, memory, cpu from the motherboard and started from a blank motherboard with only the power connected to it.

Turn the PC on, you'll probably get no display but make note of the beeps.

then plug in the CPU and try again.

then the memory - if you have multiple modules try one at a time.

add the hard drive and see what happens.

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