Don't have access to Google Server; Playstore/Chrome/Hangouts et

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My mom decided to change our internet connection from DSL to wireless broadband. I was sleeping at that time when they installed it, as I woke up, I checked my Samsung Grand Neo and I was glad that it was already connected to the internet. But when I entered a site in chrome, I suddenly got error and it says that "DNS lookup failed". I didn't panicked as I thought it was normal. But when I used the Internet browser, it connect without any error as I got in chrome. So I went to play store to check if my chrome needs an update but as soon as I tap the playstore on my phone, it shows that "check your connection and try again".

I've browsed and search for some solution that might work, but unfortunately, I didn't find any. I've tried setting the date and time, clearing the data and caches of both Google play service and Google play store. I've also did the 'factory reset' my phone, which is not a good option btw, that I'm literally crying my heart out right now cos I need some apps in my phone that I use in work.

Nvrtheless, I still get the same problem. And as I was setting up my phone from the start, hangouts showed that "couldn't sign in because we couldn't reach Google. Try again."

I've successfully logged my Android phone to Google as it didn't show that it experience some error or something as I was logging in, and when I checked my account, it's really there; my account.

I thought it was only for my phone but when I asked my sister about it, she checked her phone, LG Optimus G3, we're having the same problem. Maybe all android devices in my house are having the same problem as mine.

I haven't root my phone since I'm afraid that it might affect the warranty and I seriously don't know how.

Please help, I need to download some apps from play store that I really need to use at my work. I can't download it from Google PC as apk file.

Thanks in advance.




The network connection through PC is amazing. I guess the problem is only with our mobile phones. I even tried downloading apps from playstore via pc and it shows that 'Installed' but when I checked my phone, there were none.

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Nov 16, 2014 at 12:43 PM
You should contact the ISP to resolve the issue. You probably have 30 day free support.

Good Luck