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I replaced the screen on the above machine, was working fine apart from screen cracked, switched on and now nothing. The fan starts there a click from the cd drive but nothing else. Tried power reset cleaned ram sticks but still nothing any ideas please

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Check All of your connections. Double check all your connections!
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Monday November 24, 2014
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November 24, 2014

checked and rechecked and checked again

OK, well, then did you have a static strap, and mat? Or did you take it apart in wool socks after running around the house dragging your feet. Static electricity will zap things that you had no idea would be affected.

So, with that being said. if it worked, but doesn't now, then something was affected!

Take the Battery out, and disconect al of the cords. Try to release all reamining charges by presing the power button without the battery in.

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